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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oro Antico

For me, food blogging has become a lot less enjoyable in light of the economic distress so many people are experiencing these days. Fortunately I don't get much traffic here so any excess on my part isn't likely to be noticed. I think.

Anyway, I am cutting back on some things to allow us to give more particularly to organizations that are losing state funding but I don't believe anyone's fate is going to be made better if the purveyors of specialty foods go belly-up. While I can I'm continuing to purchase my favorites especially from those who operate with practices I support.

Il Forteto, a cooperativa agricola in the countryside near Florence, got its start three decades ago with a group of idealistic university students and 40 sheep. Today the property supports more than 2,000 sheep and a large, modern creamery producing a variety of superb sheep's milk cheeses.

What's equally impressive is il Forteto's philanthropic mission to provide a haven and a productive future for children with physical, mental or emotional disabilities. Those who are capable assume jobs on the property and contribute to the farm economy.

My pecorino of choice is il Forteto's Oro Antico Riserva del Casaro. Wegmans often has it, and when they don't iGourmet always has, but this summer I'd gone through what I had and I couldn't fine it anywhere.

Then last week, there it was in the case at Wegmans in several uncut wheels! I bought one, an entire small wheel of Oro Antico. It turns out that Wegmans is promoting several of the wonderful cheeses made by il Forteto this fall.

For the moment I'm getting an inordinate amount of pleasure just looking at this uncut cheese while I finish the much saltier pecorino Romano I bought to tide me over.