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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starts, False and Otherwise

I knew perfectly well winter was far from over but I don't know why it had to return so rudely yesterday after two days of sun and spring-like temps, especially on the one day of the week I was planning to be out and about. Instead while The Mister skipped a Ski Patrol obligation to nurse a head/chest cold, I shoveled out. Again.

Among other things, I didn't make it to yet another meeting of Edible Gardening. I'm sorry I missed an opportunity to discuss seed-starting with other gardeners but I'm glad the prospect of the meeting motivated me to get my plans organized last week. I even went back to using a spreadsheet, a mixed blessing as it turns out. When I saw everything listed I realized that once I get my Ramapo seeds I will have seeds for 25 varieties of tomatoes this year. Keeping track of them will be a challenge but at least I now have a plan.

tomato starts 2011

eggplant, pepper, tomato starts 2011

I hope I make it to the next meeting and find some gardeners who will be interested in any extra seedlings.

additional tomato varieties: Marmande, Costoluto Fiorentino, Ramapo, Power's Heirloom, Djena Lee's Golden Girl, Tigerella

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ramapos Are Back!!

I was leafing through a catalog from The Natural Gardening Company (a lovely catalog but why anyone would think I'd be likely to order plants from California is a mystery) and I felt disoriented for a moment when I saw Ramapo tomatoes listed. But it's true! After I'd given up looking for them a couple of years ago it seems more persistent gardeners persuaded Rutgers to reintroduce them.

After years of growing some perfectly wonderful tomatoes we still remember the Ramapos I grew in Somerville, NJ in the 70's as the best tomatoes we've ever eaten. Even if they don't meet our fuzzy recollections I'm going to enjoy growing them again.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Visitor

What a treat, a lovely Carolina wren poking around the wood pile this afternoon. I just hope it sticks around for awhile and maybe even vocalizes a bit...