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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Neighbors

Several weeks ago when I was out back repotting veggie starts I thought I heard a faint call that I've never heard around the yard before, I thought I heard a bluebird. I listened but didn't hear it again, didn't leave my pots to go looking because I couldn't believe there were bluebirds in the neighborhood. I heard the call at least a second time but again didn't take the time to look for the source.

Monday morning I heard it so loud and clear that I had to look and there he was, a beautiful male blue bird on the top of the feeder pole! And then I saw a female on a little stake at the edge of the new bed! I tried to take some pictures but the light on my dirty window made it hard to get a clear image. They spent about an hour repeatedly dropping down to the grass where we could see every bit of their bluebird-blue.

We aren't seeing them often so I think we're on the periphery of their territory. It didn't seem like they were feeding nestlings somewhere and there weren't any fledglings around so I don't know if we'll see anymore this season or not. I'm just grateful for their visit.

Meanwhile the two houses that have been on the market for the past year or more have sold so we wait to see what the new human neighbors are about...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

And So It Goes

So March was consumed by pneumonia, April by the monsoon weather, and May by the termination of The Mister's employment and my mother's order for hospice care days before her 92nd birthday. The Indians are not, at the moment, the pleasant distraction they were and yesterday I found my first tick bite on my leg, near my knee. My primary source of discomfort however is still the damn pollen.