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Monday, September 22, 2008

Elderberry Pond Farm

Elderberry Pond Farm

A friend and I went to the Organic Abundance Event at Elderberry Pond Farm yesterday, a fund raiser for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York. Despite the lack of sun and cool temps it was a great success.

There was however, one aspect of the event that I wasn't able to keep from putting a damper on the day. One of the local chefs happened to be particularly extroverted so while we were eating at his station we learned a bit – probably more than we needed to know – about him.

This very young looking man and his wife, who have in the past few years bought and rebuilt an old farmstead as an inn and restaurant, were graciously contributing to this fund raiser for organic farming but the details of their life seemed to me completely at odds with organic and sustainable farming.

The chef explained to everyone that his wife wasn't at the event because she was home taking care of their little boys, ages 4 years, 22 months and 6 months. When a guest mentioned that the chef couldn't complain about having only boys for obvious reasons, the chef said he and his wife weren't done and they were going to keep going as long as they could.

He was also promoting his inn by listing the amenities including jacuzzi baths and flat screen plasma TV's in each room. And what was he driving? A freakin' Escalade!!

Also this past week The Mister noticed a man buying organic milk and then carrying it out to his Lincoln Navigator.

I know I'm not always consistent myself but these folks just can't be spending much time thinking about what they're doing.