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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Kitchen Sink

Other than trips to the park, my life these days is pretty much played out on graph paper planning changes in the kitchen and the garden plantings. I love graph paper. I wonder who invented it.

It took a long time but I've finally come up with a way to use almost all of the old kitchen cabinetry including the 42"hanging cupboard currently stored in the attic. We'll only need a few new pieces on which we'll be using old doors and an old drawer.

The sink base has some water damage but I'm going to make due with a stainless tray for the bottom. Since the 20 pound Kohler faucet I bought over fifteen years ago has never been installed, all I need now is the new sink and a new countertop and we should be able to get the messiest, most pressing project done before it's time to set out the tomatoes.

I was really, really lucky that this house had such handsome kitchen cabinetry and so much of it. The cabinets were installed in 1965 and in the more than twenty years that I've lived with them I've never tired of them. The design is perfectly timeless (or would be if I chose to change the hardware) and Wood-Mode will still make it even though it's not considered a current style.