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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Long Week

Last week was a long one. It started off on Monday with the installation of an old cabinet where the dishwasher used to be, followed by the new countertop, sink and old new faucet. As with any project there was a mess to clean up before I could make a cake and head to Ohio on Thursday. And the tomato plants had to be staked and moved outside at the last minute when I realized they were going to outgrow the lights before I got back.

All went well in Ohio although my mother says that's it for birthday parties; if she has any more birthdays she says please just send a card.

Memorial Day (observed) I was home for our traditional trek to Tully's to watch the lax championship game. As it happens, this year both teams came from the homes of two members of the Iroquois Confederacy with long traditions of playing lacrosse, the Onondaga and Cayuga Nations. I was cheering for Cornell but Syracuse did it again coming from three goals down with less than four minutes left to tie it in the last few seconds and then winning in overtime, 9-10.