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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the Wing

I didn't spend much time looking for great horned owls this spring but Genie did. Once again the crows eventually lead her to a nest but the two owlets were already close to fledging. She kept me posted with photos including those above.

I wasn't able to get over to the park until yesterday and I went primarily just so Genie could show me the location of the nest since the owlets had fledged a couple of days before and the new leaves were filling in the canopy. The crows were mobbing something so I watched for awhile but couldn't see any owls. Then just as I was climbing up on my way out I turned and took a last look with my binoculars. There they were in the top of a hemlock, a clear view of both fledglings almost at my eye level.

I was especially pleased to see young owls again since the peregrine falcons in Syracuse didn't produce any young this year. It's actually been difficult to watch the female, Fancy, at the empty next box. I hope this is just an off-year for them and not the end of their tenure.