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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Antibiotics & Insecticides

Specifically Doxycycl HYC and Permethrin. In trying to remove the tick, it broke off and left a piece The Mister and I couldn't remove. I saw an NP this afternoon who removed the remnant and prescribed two capsules of the Doxycycl. It seems a prophylactic dose within 72 hours of being bitten by a tick is effective in preventing Lyme Disease and the other Borrelia, B. Miyamotoi. I'm not sure about Babesiosis which is also on the rise. I'll have a blood test in eight weeks when I have an annual checkup with my doctor.

Meanwhile I mixed some Permethrin and sprayed a couple of pairs of pants, socks and boots. I used an economical concentrate I found in the equine area at The Tractor Supply Co. It comes in a clever bottle that measures out a half ounce which I'm mixing with 10 ounces of water to make a 0.5% spray. I have a fairly new Columbia® Bug Shield™ shirt and I've ordered a couple more. I'll eventually treat the shirts I wear in the yard and garden but it's going to be a royal pain keeping track of when I treated what and how many times I've washed everything.