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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Old Lady, New Bike

Every once in awhile I think about coming back here but the moment usually passes quickly and I'm on to other pointless stuff.

This past year however was a little less pointless. I spent it, in large part, losing some weight and, more important, regaining strength and bone density.

I'm pleased with my success but even happier to be able to demonstrate to others that it's possible to get fit at 65.

A year and half ago I was despondent when I put my old road bike in the attic. I simply couldn't ride more than five miles without pain and/or numbness in my hands and/or feet. Fortunately I could still ride my town bike but not on any major roadways or too far afield.

Several people had suggested that I could get a hybrid bicycle that would put me more upright like my town bike and get me back on the road. I wasn't sure about spending money on a new bike but once I felt leaner and stronger I wanted to do more cycling than I could on my town bike.

2013 was, for me, the year I got Medicare and a Bianchi camaleonte tre for my birthday.