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Monday, June 9, 2008


I enjoy several blogs written by women who have chickens. I'd love to have a few chickens but I doubt I ever will. I 'have' crows instead. They perch in various places watching the house presumably waiting for me to come out with something for them. Now there's Bubby, an injured juvenile I think, who's been hanging out at the back doors, usually with another watchful crow nearby.

Meanwhile I feel defeated by the early heat wave and the thunderstorms. I have eggplant and peppers in but no tomatoes. We've gone to AC before the fourth of July and we rarely do that. Today is likely to be the worst of it; it only got down to 75º/24º last night and we don't have the cloud cover that helped yesterday.

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Gaia gardener said...

I have a love/hate relationship with chickens. If they are free range, they are wonderful. However, with several large dogs, free range doesn't really work for us. Sooner or later they become canine food.

We've tried keeping them cooped, but they are amazingly dirty animals in confinement.

The movable chicken tractor may be our best bet. We've thought about them and looked at various designs, but haven't plunged in yet. Maybe something like that would work for you, too? You don't have to have roosters for the hens to produce eggs, thus minimizing upset to the neighbors.

And while I'm more than content to leave butchering to others, I must admit that having our own fresh eggs was wonderful.