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Sunday, April 19, 2009


The evening of August 31, 2004, I was driving home from a lecture at Le Moyne. The moonrise was so spectacular that I didn't think to turn on the Yankees' game until I was halfway home. I still remember sitting on route 92 waiting to turn left onto Hunt Lane when John Sterling gave the score: Indians 19, Yankees 0. I was sure I'd heard it wrong and I think I missed a couple of breaks in the traffic waiting to hear the score repeated.

In all the insanity surrounding the new Yankee monument to excess I've found comfort in fact that it was my hometown team, the Cleveland Indians, that gave the Yankees their worst home shutout in the old stadium, final score: 22-0.

Given that fact, I thought it was odd karma that the Indians were the first team scheduled to play the Yankees in the new stadium. I'd planned to listen to the game on Thursday but didn't realize it was a day game until it was too late. Yesterday the game was on Fox so I made it a point to take a break from the garden to watch the beginning.

I don't think this new record will hold. It seems like this $1.5 billion obscenity "plays small" and may host many more home run derbies.