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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guinness Cake

I am so bummed. Everyone in both dental offices made this implant business sound like a piece of cake, so to speak, but it's been 48 hours and I still feel like someone took a 2x4 to my jaw. Yesterday I made another Guinness cake (#3) and now I'm surviving on cake and Fage Total 0% to try to mitigate the effects the damned Clindamycin.

The cake I'm eating this week is the second stab at a recipe attributed to Green & Black's but like the first there's a dense layer at the bottom. I'm beginning to suspect the recipe was meant for a two layer cake instead of one but I'm done experimenting. For now.

Nigella Lawson's recipe, on the other hand, seems foolproof. I used Green & Black's Dutched cocoa but I think the next time I'll use Lindt & Sprügli's Ghiradelli or Hershey's Scharffen Berger for a darker, less reddish color and some additional bitterness.