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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mates for 2010

Black Krim
Pineapple (back by popular demand)
Paragon Livingston (first time, a nod to my Ohio roots)
Jaune Flammé
Costoluto Fiorentino
San Marzano 3
Golden Mama
cherry tomato: Sugar Sweetie, Mirabell, Isis Candy,
Super Snow White, Green Grape, Chocolate Cherry
eggplant: Nadia, Beatrice, Rosa Bianca, Purple Rain
pepper: Islander, California Wonder

Alright then. After a very strange disorienting week, ending with record-breaking warm temps, I have the tomato-eggplant-pepper flat sown. But NO cardoons! I thought I still had seed. Shoot.

update: I knew I had some...
cardoon: Cordo Pieno Inerme